SBCGlobal Account - Steps To Transfer SBCGlobal Account


  1. To start with, start a webbrowser in your own PC.
  2. Today, visit “".
  3. Subsequently,"Register" to a Gmail Account.
  4. As soon as you're logged directly into a Gmail accounts, start looking for"Preferences". For that, you should start looking for the"Gear" icon on upper right corner of the window. After that, click .
  5. Nextyou need to select"Preferences" from the enlarged menu .
  6. Subsequently, click the"Accounts and Publish" tab located at the exact top to get it.
  7. Here, you ought to start looking for the"Check email from different reports" section. Beside it, you'll discover that the"Insert a email account" tab. Thus, click .
  8. Thus, you are certain to find yourself a"Insert a email account" menu . Here, you have to provide your SBCGlobal log in accounts's current email address.
  9. Subsequently, click "Next" to move.
  10. Then, kind from the Password on another window.
  11. Then, you ought to transform the Port Settings into 995.
  12. Subsequently, tick-mark the check box for"Leave a copy of recovered message onto the host". Because of this, g mail won't delete your mails.
  13. Apart from this, it provides you the choice to"Always use SSL as a way to recover the mails". Thus, tick-mark the check box with this particular alternative.
  14. Together with this, choose the substitute for ```Label incoming emails". This will make sure your Gmail Account can choose the email messages from the SBCGlobal login account.
  15. Other than that, it exhibits the"Archive in coming emails" option. You are able to choose this choice in case you never want the mails from SBCGlobal web-mail to can be found in this Gmail Account. After that, watch for this to move your SBCGlobal log in Account.


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