How To Configure SBCGlobal Account On An Email Client?


Besides shifting your SBCGlobal Login into Account to a Gmail Account, then there's still another alternative for simple access. You may conveniently get your mailing service by minding it upon almost any Mail Client.

1.) To start with, launching any one of those available Email Client in your own system. To put it differently, you'll want an email-client previously installed onto your own apparatus.

2.) Currently, click"Next" on its window.

3.) Nextyou ought to click"File" on upper lefthand corner of this window.

4.) Subsequently, click "Add Account".

5.) Under it, click "Account Settings".

6.)Subsequently, click"New" from the Mail portion of the subsequent menu .

7.)Then, select"Manual installment or other server types".

8.)About the subsequent window, then you also must select"POP or IMAP".

9.)You need to offer these details from the"POP and IMAP Account Settings" window.

  • Your Name: Provide Your Complete Name.
  • E-mail Address: Enter your SBCGlobal Login Account’s Email Address.
  • Account Type: Select “POP3” as the Account Type.
  • Incoming Mail Server: Type in “”
  • Username: It is usually your complete email address.
  • Password: Type in its corresponding Password.

10.)Nextyou need to choose the"Safety (SSL)" option.
11.)This may Auto Populate that the"Incoming Port Number". Make sure it is set to"995".
12.)Subsequently, click"Next".
13.)Consequently, it is going to affirm the in coming Server information and also join with it.
14.)The next window will prompt you to Outgoing Mail Server Details. Thus, fill out these       details carefully.

  • Enter Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) as “
  • Select the “Security (SSL)” option.
  • Enter the “Outgoing Port Number” as “465”.
  • Provide your Username which is usually your SBCGlobal Login’s Email Address.
  • Type in your email account’s “Password”.

15.)Subsequently, click"Next".
16.)Because of this, it is going to connect with the Server after verifying the details that are provided. Afterward, it is going to download all of your mails.
17.)In the last, it is going to confirm the powerful arrangement of SBCGlobal log in Account. 18.)Thus, click "End" to complete the procedure.


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